Working with Eyedea 101

No surprises. Here is how we’re working, step by step.

This is how we roll.

Our collaboration is based on these fundamentals:

  • Transparency

  • Open communication

  • Product-oriented thinking


1. Background buildup (3-5 days)
  • Initial meeting (1-2h) - project scope & needs description. Don't forget to send us all specifications/files/designs - everything that might be useful - [email protected]
  • Project estimation (3-5 days) - we may ask some questions to understand the future product better.
  • Crew selection
  • An E-mail message with our vision of your product development with some numbers
2. Final GO / NO-GO

At this point, both sides need to decide if we're starting the cooperation.

  • At this point, both sides need to decide if we're starting the cooperation.

If GO - agreement, type of cooperation (time & material / fixed price), start date, and let's go to project kickoff
If NO-GO - see you next time!

3. Project kickoff

Let's do this!

  • Slack channel setup - all communication goes there. The main rule is: we don't use private messages
  • Team & project introduction meeting (1h)
  • Tools access/setup - both sides provide a list of people & tools (we're creating necessary accounts if needed)
  • Project plan (depending on the size of the project, typically it takes around three days)
  • Decision on the releasing system - both parties agree:
    • How the application will be versioned considering milestones, features, and bugfixes
    • What is the release timeframe for new scenarios and features
4. Plan-execution measure loop

We're splitting the project into smaller parts (scenarios); each chunk is planned individually

  • Scenario planning (1h)
  • Scenario execution - development / design
  • Scenario measurement
5. After the project
  • Project retrospective meeting (2h)
  • Success celebration (end of the project)
Project execution details

During the product development, you'll get:

  • Weekly summary of project progress with hour reports and most exciting updates (single e-mail)
  • Access to designs & code
  • Access to hour reports
Method & responsibility distribution

We're building things with our method called Flow. It's scenarios based way of describing your product, and it's understandable by every team member (including you). We're happy to tell you more about it - don't hesitate to ask!

Every team member has a particular role and responsibility. So we're using a RACI matrix for that.

Tech & tools

Our primary design tool is Figma, and our tech stack is React (with Typescript), Node, Nest.js, and various cloud platforms. We're a multidisciplinary team, and we're not afraid of new technologies - so if you don't see the one you need - simply ask for it; maybe we can help.

Your duties

As we're going together towards doing the project, we'll need your presence sometimes.

  • Answer for questions on Slack
  • Attend product meetings (once a week / two weeks - about one hour each)
  • Follow instructions set according to your role in the responsibility assignment matrix

Contact us!

If you want to talk about our new cooperation, send us a message and we'll set up a meeting.