The Team

We are not just employees.
We are members of the passionate community - and we love it!

Meet our people

  • Maciej Kucharz

    Over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry at all levels - from junior to CEO - speaks for itself. He is a founder of Eyedea, a tireless visionary, a guitarist, and a man who cannot decide whether he lives in Oslo or Białystok.

  • Agata Mróz

    Agata is a fullstack developer, and she solves problems like a machine. A fan of battle games and owner of a private army of painted miniatures. Also a horseback rider and a traveler. Owner of probably the widest smile in this part of Europe.

  • Hubert Zub

    A combination of developer knowledge, business experience, and modesty. He built the largest IT company in the area from scratch; he's an expert in his field and an enthusiastic teacher. In Eyedea, he is a technical Supreme Court. He plays the drums, flies airplanes, and eats like a horse.

  • Ewa Żero

    Ewa is a big heart that loves all people in the world and a tireless organizer too. As an operations manager, she knows everything. And if she doesn't, that means such information does not exist. She is like a root - invisible but crucial.

  • Olga Łapińska

    Olga is a front-end developer and home baking lover. You don't have to have a birthday to get a fancy birthday cake from her!

  • Martyna Kołakowska

    Fullstack dev with an analytical flair. She likes to figure out exactly how things are supposed to work. Passionate about RPG games. Well, all kinds of games.

  • Nikolai Fasting

    Nik is afraid of no complexity in the world, which makes him a true solver. In Eyedea, he is responsible for long-term strategies. Nik was supposed to be a rock star in London, but something went wrong, and he found about twenty-five tech companies instead. To err is human, isn't it?

  • Jędrek Wojnar

    Jędrek is a communication specialist, copywriter, and Eyedea multitool. He can explain complicated things in a pretty simple way and vice versa. Also, keen cyclist and frame builder.

  • Natalia Orłowska

    Natalia is a front-end developer who doesn't care about the world outside of work. To say that she is reticent is to say nothing.

  • Marta Zbiejczuk

    Marta is a front-end developer with a "pixel-perfect" eye and artistic soul. She loves pot flowers, and it looks like that feeling is mutual.

  • Kamil Trusiak

    Probably the tallest of front-end devs. Also, Kamil is a declared fan of card games, sudoku, and ping pong.

EYEDEA family

It's all about sharing similar values, you know?

Freelancer or a company?Contact us to work toegether

Our way of working

One has to work wisely, not long and hard.
That's why we are crazy about optimizing our work.

Flat structure

We do not create a hierarchy; we share responsibility for tasks instead.


At EYEDEA, we give a lot of freedom. Micromanagement is a swearword.


We have no prejudices, and we do not state anything in advance.

Clear rules

We want to focus on our work. That is why there are very few rules, and we express them in plain text.


It does not matter if you are a designer, developer, or work in the operations - we all do the same. We solve problems.

Speak and listen

At EYEDEA, there is no way that someone's opinion is undesirable. We talk to each other and listen carefully to each other.

Product orientation

We are doing a good job as long as our product performs well and meets users' needs - as much and as little.

Have fun

Life is short. Let's have some fun with it :)

Tools we are using

We use tools that strengthen the flat structure of our company and allow us to operate in a decentralized and asynchronous manner. Here are the most important of them.

Company culture

No body leasing

It's not our model, and it will never be. We mainly work as a team.

Mentoring culture

Working as a close team, we are helping each other organizing internal training and discussing problems.

No legacy code

We are always choosing a future. We constantly work on getting rid of technical debt - for our comfort and our client's success.

Network, not hierarchy

We don't care about hierarchy, really. We maintain the flow of information, not pecking order.

Join our team

What we value most in the team is a proper mindset and the ability to cooperate. In return, we can give you much more than just a monthly transfer. Let's see if we'll fancy each other!


Senior Frontend Developer

If you are passioned about building digital products, using the latest technology, world-class quality standards - we might be a place for you.


Senior Fullstack Developer

We are looking for product-oriented people, who understand that technology is exciting only when it solves real problems.


Mid Frontend Developer

We need a nice person who will help us create cool things.
As a frontend developer, you will work closely with product development.


Mid Fullstack JavaScript Developer

Are we the community you are looking for?
We are looking for problem solvers who are really into product development. Could you give us a hand?