Software development

It's not about writing lines of code

The way it should be done.

The solution's value does not just come from aesthetic design, well-thought-out UX, or error-free code. Instead, what makes a digital product suitable is the synergy between these three elements while considering the timeline. Put it more simply: a solution must be developed quickly and without error to bring expected value.

We know how to do it.

At Eyedea, we understand the importance of communication between designers, UX design specialists, and developers. However, we also know that things can go very badly for everyone when cooperation and/or synergy fails. Therefore, when working on the product, we emphasize the flow of information. The team of developers only enters the action when the product is ready for it.

Why do you may want to build a project with Eyedea?

There are many reasons. We are a lovely team, and it's easy to get along with us. Still, most of all, we have a properly designed and diligently followed development process.

First of all we emphasize the correct, multidimensional definition of what we want to achieve.
What does this mean exactly?

  • We use the proprietary, proven Flow methodology, which exponentially minimizes the risks associated with the development process.
  • Every application element is precisely defined, documented, groomed, and saved with their relationships from the backend to the tiniest button.
  • We use a precise versioning mechanism that allows you to make changes without compromising the entire system's functionality.

Second - we use a proven, open-source technology stack. There are measurable benefits from this, for example:

  • Our technologies are always open and battle-tested; we experiment to broaden our horizons - but never in critical systems.
  • We mastered our tools. We can deliver the solution as quickly as possible without compromising quality. We're good at it.

Third - we perfectly understand the business context of the projects we are dealing with. We are aware that any given piece of software can be written in a month, but it can be written in a year as well, and we won't let the latter happen.

  • We are keeping speed in mind all the time.
  • We know that time to market is everything, so starting from product analysis to development estimate, we prioritize things so that the key features are delivered sooner, while all details can be re-iterated later.

And why might you not want to work with us?

  • You are looking for a pure outsourcing team extension with no focus on the product. That's just not us.
  • You are looking for solutions outside our technology stack. We never promise things that we can not do.
  • You are looking for a contractor who listens, executes, and doesn't care, and not a partner whose knowledge and experience you can use. (Frankly, we have no idea why anybody wants to do such a thing).

Do you need a quote?Just ask me.

My name is Hubert, and I'm the guy who is responsible for the software development process here.