When you need a broad user base, make people’s lives easier.
Don’t make them install yet another app, ok?

What is PWA exactly?

A Progressive web application is software created using standard technologies used when designing websites. It means that it works with any standard-compliance web browser. The user does not have to download the application and install it - tapping the link is enough.

PWA solutions are responsive, work for everyone, regardless of the smartphone and browser used, always up-to-date and secure (communication takes place via HTTPS).

What are the advantages of PWA?

There are many reasons. We are a lovely team, and it's easy to get along with us. Still, most of all, we have a properly designed and diligently followed development process.

  • It’s always compatible. You only need a W3C standard-compliance web browser to access PWA, so it runs on any OS and mobile device.
  • Development is cheaper. You don’t need a massive budget for development, and you need only to build it once for every platform. Hey, it’s just a website, remember?
  • It does not require a download. PWA doesn’t require distribution through Google Play or AppStore. All you need is an URL and a browser. A short / custom URL works fine, too.
  • It has an SEO advantage. Since PWA is a website, you can use SEO tools instead of expensive marketing campaigns. Don’t forget about Google mobile-first rule - it will help give your PWA a higher ranking.
  • It’s always up to date. PWA doesn’t need downloading any updates - new features are usable as soon as you decide to implement them.
  • It feels like a native app. It certainly does; UX / UI looks the same.

What can PWA do?

Not only is there a lot of it, but the list is getting longer!

📷 Media capture
PWA can use the camera and microphone of a device to capture media.
🌎 Geolocation
Users can share their location with a web app.
🔔 Notifications
Any PWA can display notifications, even when the app is not active.
📱 Contact picker
PWA can the user’s contacts after permission has been granted.
📎 Web share
Using the native share mechanism of the device, PWA allows users to share text, URLs, or files.
🔐 Authentication
It enables passwordless authentication through your device's fingerprint reader or an external USB Security Key.
📂 File System
Any PWA can access the file system of the user's device.
📳 Vibration
Progressive web apps can make a mobile device vibrate.
🎙 Audio recording
Any PWA can access the file system of the user's device.
🔈 Audio
PWA can display controls for media playback on a device's lock screen.
🌀 Bluetooth
PWA can connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices and read/write values on them.
You can read/write to NFC tags with PWA
PWA can place virtual objects in reality.
💵 Payment
You can use a browser-based method to make payments on the web, using a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
📴 Wake lock
Web apps can prevent devices from dimming or locking the screen when the app needs to keep running.
🔄 Orientation
PWA can get information about the physical orientation of the user's device.
👀 Motion
PWA can use information about the speed of changes for the position and orientation of the user's device.
🖖 Multi-touch
Progressive web apps can capture complex touch behavior.
ℹ️ Network info
PWA can adapt functionality basing on information about the quality of network connection.
📣 Speech synthesis
PWA can support text-to-speech and read out their text content.
💬 Speech recognition
PWA can recognize voice context from an audio input.

Sounds good?

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