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When you should consider using no-code solutions?

What is no-code?

No-code is a class of development technologies that allows users to build and maintain software through a visual UI rather than by writing or editing lines of code. In some cases, No-code remarkably simplifies software development and empowers organizations to build faster, at a much lower cost, and with fewer bugs than conventional code-based approaches.

Why consider using no-code?

Software Development is incredibly high-priced, but maintaining an already built system is even more expensive. That's why in EYEDEA, we are using open-source libraries as a tool in most cases. Open source communities are giving no guarantee for open-source solutions. Still, their effort in fixing bugs and bringing new features is enormous.
If you don't have to, you should avoid "owning a software" and avoid operating your infrastructure to run it. No-code solutions are doing those two things for you.

When to use no-code?

  1. When you are in early stageNo-Code helps to build prototypes pretty fast. It dramatically lowers the costs of the early stages of a product. It gives you a chance to release your product without months of development.
  2. When the parts of your solution are available out-of-the-boxIt doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel. You can use other apps as a part of your app, usually just paying a small subscription fee.
  3. When your solution is relatively simpleUnless your solution is not using particular and unique components, there is a chance that you will be able to build everything in a no-code way.

When not to use no-code?

  1. When you need a high-performing systemNo-Code helps with pretty much generic problems, and its universality is coming with a price: flexibility and performance. If you are building high performing system, no-code might not be for you.
  2. When your app is handling heavy trafficIf your app is already used by hundreds or thousands of users every day, no-code can be very expensive.
  3. When you are building a mission-critical systemUsing third-party solutions is a great way to start fast. Still, if you need complete control over your data, access to detailed logs, and management on things like backups - no-code might not be the best choice.

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Our favourite no-code / low-code tools

A well-chosen set of tools allows you to create almost any functional solution in the blink of an eye.