About us

But what are we, really?

The story

I founded EYEDEA because I wanted to help my friends. I have much technical knowledge and experience in business, so people often asked me to help develop digital products.

I helped them as best I could, it was mainly about software development, but soon it turned out that the subject was much broader. I was not able to single-handedly solve all the problems that arose when creating digital products. It was clear that the collaboration of people with different experiences and skillsets is a must to deal with these challenges efficiently and effectively.

I decided to create a team that, apart from technical competencies, would be distinguished by its orientation to build digital products. One that will be able to bring real value to the partnership with founders.

Since 2015, I have been carefully selecting the members of the EYEDEA crew. Today, we have designers, programmers, marketing, and strategy specialists on board. That is why we are proud to call ourselves Product House.

We are focusing on the product development process and the value it brings to users. We are also somewhat obsessed with optimizing our work. Thanks to this, we are a valuable partner for our clients - we can efficiently and quickly implement in-house digital products.

Maciej Kucharz

Oslo, Norway
Białystok, Poland

Values and beliefsWhy we do it?

For us, an essential thing in business is values, not money. Our shared world has many pressing problems. We want to solve at least some of them using modern technology. We believe we can help inventors by inspiring them and helping them to make their visions come true.

We are constantly developing as individuals, but we also put a lot of work and effort into building an open and friendly community around us.

What do we believe? It's pretty simple:

  • Technology is neither good nor bad. It's just things and processes. People are responsible for using it, and they can use it for a good purpose.
  • Data and its analysis are the core for making improvements.
  • Happy people work better, and their work inspires others.
  • Open innovation is superior - no matter how smart we are or how hard we work, there are more intelligent and hard-working people worldwide.
  • Machines do repetitive, routine work better than humans, and we should let them do that.
  • The equal distribution of digital benefits makes the world a better place for all of us.


We tell the truth; we expect the truth. Neither we hide nor we pass over anything. For us, an open process is a successful process. Being mysterious and unpredictable serves neither our customers nor ourselves.


We have no prejudices, and we do not state anything in advance. We approach people with kindness and challenges with curiosity.


Our work matters. Our actions affect the world, and we take responsibility for what we create.


This is what pushes us to act daily and makes us enjoy our work. Simple as that.


That's right. No mumbo-jumbo, just data-driven steps to solve the problem.


Everything around us changes as quickly as the landscapes on the roller coaster ride. So why do not enjoy it?